Rethinking Conferences; leverage the digital to maximize the physical

Intentional networking using social media to facilitate the filter and find aspect of connecting with the people you most want to know. Always pushing technology capabilities to better serve the physical interpersonal. After all that is where the real connections begin.

Marie's Ramblings & Ruminations

Last week I attended the inaugural event at Google’s new innovation center () in Dublin, Ireland. By all accounts it was a very well organized event with a really excellent set of speakers that I would have happily listened to for twice as long as the allotted 80 minutes. The rest of the time was scheduled for “networking & drinks” and while they really did a fantastic job of the drinks part (the hors d’oeuvre were to die for) the networking part was less than successful; a complaint I would make of every single networking event I’ve attended in the last year. So just to be clear, the purpose of this post is not to beat up on Google but rather to highlight what I believe is a missed opportunity.

People go to events to meet people. While the content is important, it can frequently be found online after…

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